How can we improve our cities? Set the focus on the most vital aspect of the city: people. For decades, cities have been making the wrong decisions, and today our streets are shaped around private, automobile mobility.

The consequence of car-focused planning have made cities polluted, noisy, and unsafe. We already know that building more car infrastructure is not going to advance our cities. More roads mean more cars.

Walkable places benefit physical and mental health, the environment, and public safety. Walkability helps people of all ages to stay socially engaged. And it leads to economics gains: increased retail activity, tourism, and higher property values.

We, the Street Makers, help cities to make walkability happen. We offer regions, cities, and neighborhoods a way to shift their focus back to people.

We work hand-in-hand with cities in order to solve mobility issues, with a strong stress on green, active mobility. We analyze, plan, and design through the eyes of the pedestrian. Our innovative solutions make places safer, accessible and enjoyable.